Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Disney Cruise 2006

Key to the World

Ellen and I got back from our Disney Cruise on Sunday. We got up at 5 A.M. on Thursday and flew down to Orlando. We then got a ride on the Disney Magical Express to Port Canaveral, where the Disney Wonder was docked. The terminal was pretty nice. Here is a Mickey window in the terminal:

Terminal Window

When we got onboard they announced us and clapped :-) Then we went to Mickey's Beach Blanket Buffet for lunch. After that, we explored the ship:

Rivet Head, Deck Ten
Sheeleresque - Disney Wonder
Sheeleresque - Disney Wonder
Billboard - Water Repelent Hats

We explored the ship until we were able to get to our room. The elevators near the atrium amidships have Mickey hands to indicate the floor:

Mickey Elevator Indicator

(click any photo to see larger versions)

I'll write more tomorrow when I'm not falling asleep...


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