Monday, August 08, 2005

The longest journey begins with a single footstep

Here are the first few pictures (of the 951 that I took on my camera) from our San Francisco - Los Angeles - SIGGRAPH 2005 trip. I upgraded my flickr account to pro.

Ellen with MUNI Bus Map
"Ellen with MUNI Bus Map"

The Buses in San Francisco are great. They cost $1.50 to ride and you get a transfer that lasts for a number of hours.

Van Ness
"Van Ness"

Our hotel was near the corner of Van Ness and Lombard, within walking distance to Ghirardelli square (down some very steep hills!) but far enough away from the mobs of tourists.

Ellen by the Marina
"Ellen by the Aquatic Park"

Gnome at Fort Mason
"Gnome at Fort Mason"

Ellen's sister Ann Marie has a gnome statue. When their father was working in Delaware, the gnome disappeared. They received photos of the gnome at the beach, sitting on a motorcycle, and in other places. After the gnome returned, Ellen took a picture of it and made little cardboard gnomes for everyone. So we took a gnome on our trip and took pictures of him in various locations.

Flowers at Fort Mason
"Flowers at Fort Mason"

Four-eyed Mosaic
"Four-eyed Mosaic"

Garden above Fort Mason
"Garden Above Fort Mason"

Boat in the Aquatic Park
"Boat in the Aquatic Park"

Ellen in the Aquatic Park
"Ellen in the Aquatic Park"

I would stop to take pictures and Ellen would keep walking :-)

Sea Lion Skeleton Crew
"Sea Lion Skeleton Crew"

Palm Trees Blowing with Lighthouse
"Palm Trees Blowing with Lighthouse"

Gnome at Alcatraz
"Gnome at Alcatraz"

Flowers on Alcatraz
"Flowers on Alcatraz"

Seagull Atop Wall on Alcatraz
"Seagull Atop Wall on Alcatraz"

Roof of a building on Alcatraz
"Roof of a building on Alcatraz"

Water Tower on Alcatraz
"Water Tower on Alcatraz"


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