Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blur Party Fire Dancers Video Clip

Warning: Please turn down your computer speakers, especially if you're using a subwoofer. Other wise your ears will be assailed with the most horrible noise that a Kodak DX 6440 can capture. Although to be honest, it really sort of did sound like that at Fireball.

Click here to see a movie clip of the fire-dancers at the Blur party known as Fireball. This guy was on stilts. He might have burned himself.

Too bad I left the Blur party early and didn't get a Fireball t-shirt. Oh well.

I have many many California photos to sort trough, adjust, resize etc. before I post them. I also have Solar Decathlon stuff to catch up on.

I'm still on California time so I didn't realize its 12:30 in the AM...


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