Thursday, June 09, 2005

T-Shirts ...

... and F-Shirts for our friends with two arms on one side!

Since I seem to like drawing in illustrator I thought it would be cool to make my own T-Shirts. I was also inspired by the strange and interesting stuff that comes out of Old Navy, like Ellen's Lobster Rodeo shirt.

"Digital Roto of Ellen's Lobster Rodeo Shirt"

I got some iron-on printer paper. I still haven't made my Lobster Rodeo shirt yet (not that I am making a shirt using a copyrighted design), but I did make a shirt with a hard hat I drew for the solar decathlon and put and old-navy-style fake union name on it (because the guys down at the decathlon construction site are always wearing union shirts).

"Sun Beams Local 244"

And here is me wearing my Sun Beams shirt:

"Wearing My Shirt"

I really want to design more shirts and sell them on my website.

On a semi-related note, John took me to Steve and Barry's for the the first time today. It's awesome. They have really cool t-shirts and everything in the store is less than $10!

{I try not to think of the slave labor they must use to manufacture the shirts}

Steve and Barry's has many Old-Navy-esque shirts, but most of their stuff is considerably more lewd and obscene, which is great if your into that sort of thing.

What else... ...well, why not join the union? Email me or comment on this post to order a t-shirt (iron on transfers for now) in order to become a fully fledged member of The Sun Beams Local 244. $12 dollars plus shipping, unless I'm able to hand it to you personally. Limited supply available so act now to ensure your membership in the union!


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