Sunday, June 05, 2005

Photo Bonanza!

Here are photos from my first New Jersey trip, graduation, the Pennsylvania/NJ trip, a trip to Ashes and Snow, and construction on the Solar Decathlon.

"Angel No.1"


"Antlers and Scale"

"Eddie and a Baby Rabbit"



"God Bless"

"Angel No.2"

"Ellen's Tire Shot"

"The Sampler"

"The Finished Sampler"

"The Derisive Graduate"

"Sen. Chuck"


"Big Sky"

"Kinda Creepy"

"Tree in the Park No.1"

"Tree in the Park No.2"

"The Line for Magnolia's Cupcakes"

"Good Times at The Heidelberg"

"Building Blue Space No.1"

"Lulling the Roof"

"Resting on the Roof"

"Standing on the Roof"

"Broken Hose"


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