Thursday, March 10, 2005

We Call Them Pirates Out Here

I'm bored. I want to get out of here.

scott.onPress = fuction () {
goOnVacation (newZealand, 1week);

there, maybe that actionscipt will help. Guess what it means...

I'm starting to get really bored with school (except for Flash). Luckily I have a lot of classes this semester where I don't do much. I like helping people more than working on my own stuff. I don't want to graduate. I'll come back and help people. "What are you doing here???"

My printer stopped printing magenta, and black, and yellow (sort of). Cyan is the last man standing. I refuse to get a new printer because then I would be playing into the printer manufacturers hands. What a scam. I'll just start silk-screening any documents I have to make. The scanner on my printer still works. After it stops printing altogether, I can turn the scanner part into some sort of weird camera. That would be cool.

{now playing: Elvis Costello - This Year's Model}

It's weird how Elvis Costello's 'Pump It Up' makes you actually want to pump it up. I guess he is that good.

I need more random things to write about.

Thanks for the underwhelming response to my flash drawing program. No one submitted screen shots so I'm keeping the prize money (4 cents and a ball of lint).

new contest: I'll give $10 to the first person that hands me a bottle of Molson and mentions this blog post.....


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