Thursday, March 03, 2005


I watched the Sealab Season 1 and 2 DVD box sets. They have some great episodes but the special features like "A Tour of 7030" are kind of lame (no actually behind the scenes stuff).

Wow, I actually have a moment of peace and quiet for a blog post, with pictures too! Here are some more photos of the Gate in Central park that I took last weekend :-)

"Little Dog with Sweater, Central Park"

"Matching Boots, Central Park"

"Winding Gates, Central Park"

What else is there to say? Probably a lot. I discovered that I like pizza with mushrooms, black olives, and fresh tomato thanks to a special someone :-). My 2D design professor makes me want to light my project on fire and flee to Mexico (I just keep telling myself that it's my last undergraduate class and all I have to do is pass). My Flash/Actionscript midterm project has me very excited. It's open ended and we can make anything we want. I'm going to try to make an MP3 jukebox that displays song information, if possible. Or maybe I'll take the easy way out and just make a puzzle. We are attempting to establish a new Friday night tradition of going to The Barefoot Peddler for drinks after class, but there beer selection is weak. In other news I want to go to SIGGRAPH 2005 so bad that part of me hopes that I don't get an internship this summer, even though that would be very bad. Arrrrrggggg, I want to go to SIGGRAPH. Maybe if I do get an internship they will let me go. I hope. I'm receiving constant reminders of what fun I'll miss if I don't go. It is painful. "What the hell do I need a job for, I want to go to Los Angeles!" Fignuts!


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