Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My new[est] [temporary] Demo Reel!

Below is a link to a rough cut of my demo reel with a plain 2D open and without the graduation project animation. I also haven't put music in, which I intend to do. In order to view the AVI file you will need the DivX codec, which is available for Mac or PC (and Unix, Linux, Amiga and BeOS for tht matter!) and allows you to view DivX AVI's in any media player. You might have the DivX codec, but most likely not. If the file does not work for you, you can get a version of the DivX codec and instructions on how to install it from this website: http://www.3ivx.com/download/index.html

Or just click here to try my demo reel:

Click Here For Demo Reel

Why use DivX if it is not so common? Because the file size is small, only 7.1 mb in this case. By contrast, the Quicktime rendering I made using the Sorenson 3 Video codec was 71 mb. To big for me to upload and to big for you to download!

[it's still a temporary demo reel, but now I realize that all demo reels are temporary}

update: I was able to burn the Quicktime version to a menu-less DVD. The result came out kind of dark, but I have something to show on DVD!


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