Monday, December 06, 2004


I bought cookies from Polito's to photograph for my computer graphics term project (a cookie convention poster), and I asked for a dozen cookies. I also assumed I would get them in a box. She gave me a paper bag instead and when I got home there were nine and a half (yes, half a cookie) in the bag. Anyway, I took photos of them. And then I ate some....

I left my video editing class early (eg 3 minutes after the professor showed up) because we had nothing to do. I went to Comp USA to get a new router. I thought it would be crowded but it was practically empty. I even got a salesperson. Now to find out if Linksys routers work with Macs. Hopefully the new router will mean Earthlink won't die as much, but if it does, Optimum Online here I come!

The perfect holiday gift for Mike Larit: Lord of The Rings DVDs!!!!!!!


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