Friday, November 06, 2015

Dear Town of Huntington, Waste Management Enforcement,
Thank you for leaving a Notice of Violation threatening to issue an appearance ticket (rather than knocking on the door and trying to talk to me). I assume this was in response to the request I made that the trash collectors perform the job that my taxes pay for, i.e. picking up the paint cans that I left at the curb after following all of the town's directions for disposal of latex paint.
Those directions do NOT include the fact that the lids should be removed form the cans. Please update your website to reflect that fact, otherwise there is no possible way anyone can know that until you leave one of your violation notices. I have captured a screen shot of the directions for paint disposal as they currently exist on your website, I can send you the screenshot upon request (please provide an email address).
I can even help you update your website as I am a web designer and I am currently unemployed.
I will be posting all of this information online publicly and will be watching with rapt attention to see that the waste is picked up on my next collection day. I will also be watching to see that your website is updated so taxpayers have complete and correct information.

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