Friday, September 25, 2009

Raise a glass to the Adventurers Club

Tower, originally uploaded by sakraft1.

Tonight could very well be the last night any guest sets foot in the Adventurers Club as we know it. The club closed officially on Sept. 27th, 2008, but there have been privately book functions going on in the club since then. Tonight is the Congaloosh 2009 VIP Hoopla, the last (as far as I know) event that has been booked. Right now the rumor needle is about in the middle as far as I'm concerned. The internet claims information from both sides, both good news and bad news. Whatever happens, I just hope those folks at Congaloosh tonight have a great time and take lots of pictures (and share them)!

Kungaloosh! Here are some places where Adventurers Club rumors are concentrated:

Video of a twitterer wiating outside for tonight's Hoopla:

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