Sunday, February 03, 2008

I fixed boxover!

I've been using boxover.js for the gallery on my wedding website. Those unfortunate enough to be using Internet Explorer (almost everyone) have been reporting that the photos were cut off (in certain versions). I had never seen this myself until today. I figured out by measuring a screen shot that the problem was in the piece of the boxover script show below. This sets the width of the header div for each popup (tooltip, box, whathaveyou). It was set to a width of 150px, so I changed it to the width of my widest image (500 px). Unfortunately, the background color still shows through, but I set it to white (#ffffff;) so that its less noticeable. I've been using the header div for the image and the body div for miscellaneous text, in most cases the year the photo is from. So the function to define the body styles is probably called defBodyStyle or something like that (to lazy to check right now). I'm just made excited that I was finally able to fix this.

function defHdrStyle() {
dvHdr.innerHTML='  '+dvHdr.innerHTML;'bold';'500px';'arial';'none';'0';'11';'#000000';'#ffffff';'alpha(opacity=100)'; // IE'1.00'; // FF


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