Thursday, November 01, 2007

Psyop event at Hofstra

Just got back from the Psyop event at Hofstra. It was part of a continuing education lecture series, or something like that.

The reps from Psyop were specifically from Mass Market, Psyop's photo real effects arm. They had some cool stuff on thier reel. They showed some of the more general Psyop stuff, including an awesome short film they did for Coke. It was longer version of the "Happiness Factory" commercials you might have seen. That was pretty much the highlight of the presentation for me. They did the usual college lecture Q&A moderated by a professor about how to get a job, yadda yadda yadda. I've been to so many of these things. The students and professors always ask the same questions about tools and what you need coming out of school. The pros always give the same response about having passion, and they always work in drawing skills as a minor point. These guys in particular emphasized the ability to tell stories.

Other than that, it was slightly on the boring side. But it was free and they really don't show animation anywhere on a big screen on Long Island, so I'll take it. Plus, there was [sic] chicken fingers (all you could eat!!!).

Click here to see the Happiness Factory short

Click here for Psyops



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