Monday, October 02, 2006

Blogging from Puerto Escondido

It is hot and humid here but there is nothing we can do about it so we live with it. Our room has air conditioning and we are usually so cold by morning that we have to turn it off. The food is interesting, its better in some places. The most important phrase is Botella de aqua (bottle of water). Our initial flight from JFK was delayed until 4.20 AM. We saw a 2000 year old game that only 500 people in the country know how to play. One of the players let me try his glove on. We have pictures and video of it. I saw a guy jump off a boat and wrestle a turtle in the middle of the ocean. Then he poked it in the head. Poor turtle. There is no need to communicate by phone because that would cost 1000000000 dollars (10000000000000000 pesos). Email costs 10 pesos (a dollar) for an hour. We probably won´t put any pictures up so you´ll have to wait until we get home. I have to sweat some more, I´ll write more later.



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