Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On education, Part One

The educational system in this country would be absolutely great if it were not for the government and administrative bureaucracy that has a choke hold on it at the moment. The spark is being smothered. In the beginning these governing forces are necessary to help encourage the establishment of education within a nation, but there comes a point when, after having been well established, the educational system outstrips the capabilities and notions of governing forces like those that exist today. The upshot of this is that we have ended up with an anemic, sputtering and disease-ridden body of education, festering in its own digestive juices. We pursue a totaling of sums and a false sense of egalitarianism rather than the pursuit of understanding. Knowledge as we know it is a mere compilation of facts and this is wholeheartedly the most unnecessary use of an educational system. A whole economic machine is then built upon this uneven (in all dimensions) and mis-purposed foundation. Away with administration. Away with rules and standards. Down with degrees, badges, ranks and honors. The end result of a real education would not be measurable in such terms. It is a coming-and-going thing, a reference, a continuous process that has been categorized and broken to its detriment. It must be more holistic. It must have been in this form at some point in history. We would do well to find it again. It is a seeking. In essence, it is an everlasting spark.


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