Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wasabi caviar cleaned my clock

Ellen gave me a gift certificate to Nisen in Commack for my birthday. We went there on Friday night for sushi. It was very late when we got there because I teach a class at Katharine Gibbs from 6 to 11 (see below). It is not the first time we have gone for Japanese when the restaurant is nearing closing hours, but the folks in this place seemed less annoyed than in one of the places closer to where I live.

We got a sea-food salad appetizer, which was a miscellaneous assortment of mostly unidentifiable sea life. There was crab meat and shrimp, something that we believe was octopus, and one completely unidentified formerly ocean-going creature. After that, we both ordered sushi.

We each got the aptly named Yummy Roll (Yellow Tail, roe, etc.) and Ellen got a roll with eel in it. The Yummy Roll at Nisen is probably my most favorite sushi. As I was hungry and feeling adventurous (and had a gift certificate), I ordered a roll I never had before. I'm not even sure what kind of fish was in it (tuna or salmon possibly), because the main attraction of this roll (I can't remember the name) is the copious amount of roe (aka caviar) on top. There were eight pieces in the roll. Some had black caviar, some had red. The most interesting were the pieces with green wasabi caviar.

I've had wasabi before (every time I have sushi, for example), but i was not expecting the wasabi caviar to be as strong. There was at least a good table spoon and a half on each piece. I ate a wasabi caviar piece first, and I was pretty sure I was going to die. After dropping my chopsticks and seeing a few new colors, I came to with my sinuses completely cleared.

The other pieces with roe were pretty bland. I ordered the roll because I like the crunchyness of the little roe, but this was sort of a messy, slippery caviar overload. Clearly, when it comes to sushi and roe, more is not necessarily better. It was still good, but not as good as the Yummy Roll (which has a little bit of red roe spread throughout).

As for my class at Gibbs, I teach an HTML class on Friday nights. We rarely go the full five hours, because honestly, they don't want to learn for five hours and I can't teach that long. I do tell them that I will stay until our official end time if they want to try stuff out or ask questions. Last friday was the first time anyone actually stayed. I mostly wanted to get out of there and get my Yummy Roll, but I waited until the last student left. Also of note in the Friday night class, the projector was not working and my dry-erase marker ran out of ink. Imagine, if you will, teaching HTML and CSS without visual aides.

"Less than H-T-M-L greater than, less than head greater than, less than title greater than..."

Kind of frustrating for me and them. There are some things I like about teaching, but I'm not sure if I want to stay at K Gibbs after this quarter. Besides, I still want a full time production job. Any takers?



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