Sunday, September 04, 2005

Weekend at Burnie's

Well, Ellen's actually.

I went to Ellen's house on Friday and had dinner. Then we watched Young Frankenstein, the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring, and then fell asleep watching the other half.

On Saturday we went to Maureen's Kitchen for breakfast, which is always worth the wait. Then we watched several hours of helicopters rescuing people in New Orleans. We also went to the Byzantine Bazaar: Long Island Slavic Folk Festival, where I had funnel cake for the first time. Ellen got a little handmade wooden toy that, when you swirl it around in a circle, five or six chickens (and a rooster) peck their heads up and down. It's cooler than it sounds. We had dinner with friends of Ellen's family and went in their heated pool. I spilled half a glass of white zinfandel, narrowly missing their cordless phone. I tried muscles, which I wasn't too keen on, and ate two hotdogs drowned in horseradish mustard (aka mustard dogs).

Today, Ann Marie and Ray made Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast. We were going to go canoeing but we found out the canoe ride out there takes over two hours, so we just went out on Ray's boat instead. Ellen got a little seasick, so Ray dropped us off to go home. As we were driving back, I saw a mobil station in East Northport that had gas for almost $10. It's about $3.50 or so elsewhere, so maybe that price was some kind of joke. I didn't get it.

And I had NO camera with me the whole weekend. Imagine that.

Anyhow, I'm back home now. I took all the icons on my desktop (except hard drives) and put them in a folder called Sort Me!!!! There are over 570 items in the folder, not including things that are inside folders that were on my desktop. I already got rid of about a gig of stuff.

UPDATE: my G4 is noticeably faster without all that junk on the desktop


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