Friday, July 15, 2005


My mom is displaying (and selling I think) some of her stuff at an art show at the Nassau County Museum of Art on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm, if you want to go.

I am ever so slightly drunk. We didn't go to Croxley's. We went there initially, but the hostess asked us if we were all ordering food. We said no. She said it was their policy not to give us a table unless we were all ordering food. We found this to be very strange. It was 10:15 and it was not crowded. We had never been asked this at Croxley's before. John was infuriated.

We then attempted to go to Applebee's. The beer selection there is not very good and the service is usually terrible. Tonight was no exception. What was exceptional is how crowded it was. There were a lot of people, even families, eating dinner at 10:30 PM! After a few minutes wait we got a table. We sat and waited for our server, but none showed up. We waited and waited. Finally, we gave up. Just as we stood up to walk out a waitress appeared and said; "You're leaving?" She looked like she was going to cry. John and his brother said yes and we walked toward the door. John stopped at the door and said he was going back in to talk to the manager to complain about how bad the service is, and always was. We convinced him just to leave, but he was again infuriated.

We then went to the local corner bar, which is not actually on a corner. John is friends with Frank, the owner of the Alumni Club. Its a smelly smokey bar where you can't order food, but the beer was in ours hands before we even had a chance to sit down. I kept getting hit in the back by a pool cue, but I didn't really care. I had five mugs of Rhinegold and a mug of Coors. As soon as one mug was empty Frank took it away and filled it up. The highlight of the evening was filling up Chris Nyberg's voicemail box. We sat at the bar calling him and leaving messages under pseudonyms. Finally he called John back, calling him names and using all sorts of profanity, complaining that we woke him up. John paid for all of our beer, a total of $20. That's what 20 beers cost at the Alumni club, at least for John (far less than we would have paid at Croxley's). We left our own tips and then left the bar.


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