Monday, July 25, 2005

A Night At Croxley's

Last night (or tonight, Sunday night in any case), I went to dinner with my parents at Croxley's Ale House. I had Bangers and Mash, a Dos Equis XX, and a McSorley's Ale. Good times.

Not but ten minutes into the car ride home, John called me, asking if I wanted to go to Croxley's. So I returned to the Ale House 20 minutes after departing. The waitress carded us. She got to me last, at which time I said "You might recognize me, I was here about twenty minutes ago." {hahahahaha} She didn't take my card. We sat down and ordered 30 wings (20¢ each on Sunday). I had a Beck's Amber, which has been the beer of the week for the last three months or so.

On the ride back, John and company decided to go to The Alumni Club, a small corner bar, not situated on a corner. I saw an interesting character crossing the street, and pointed him out. It was Bandana Joe, an Alumni Club regular. We shouted a greeting to him. I declined to go to the Alumni Club and was driven home. The story seemed to amuse me more before the beer had worn off. Now I'll pack some for California, and go to sleep.

{if you hit water, you've gone too far}


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